Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Entry Instructions & Scoring Rubric

Welcome, children. You and your partner are responsible for creating a New Post for your unit, and responding to anyone's comments on your post in a timely manner.

The post should contain:

  • Any definitions from the unit.
  • Any formulas from the unit.
  • Any additional concepts that are not formulas that you think everyone should know for the final.
  • Any pertinent calculator instructions/procedures (see me if you want a screenshot of keystrokes.)
  • At least ten practice questions with solutions (more if you think more are required). You can take these from old Finals, unit tests, or make up your own.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Use the name of the Unit as the Blog Title.
  • Use SITMO to write equations. There's a widget in the sidebar.
  • Use Graph Sketch to create graphs. There's a link in the sidebar.
  • Use Smart Notebook to draw diagrams. There are instructions.

You can edit and save your post as many times as you like before you publish it. (You can also edit it after you publish it, but don't publish it before it's ready for others to read and use.) The deadline for posting is Friday, June 5th, 2009 at 4pm. After it's posted, you are responsible for monitoring your post for comments and questions and responding to them.


This assignment is worth 50 points and will be evaluated by Ms Nowak on June 11th.

20 points - Completeness. Can a student use it and be prepared for the final? Did you include all the major components of your unit? Did you include at least ten practice problems, with solutions? Did you include equations and graphs where appropriate?

10 points - Interactivity. Were you engaged in the blog as an active participant? Did you respond to comments made on your post? Did you comment on other posts?

10 points - Formatting. Is your post easy to read, attractive, and sensibly put together?

10 points - Integrity. Was your work original (and not copied directly from wikipedia)? If you used outside sources, did you cite them appropriately? Did you cooperate with your partner and do a fair share of the work?

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